You Cannae Push Yer Granny Off The Bus

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What is it about?

…but you can push someone else’s off…! Battling Grannies fight it out to be the last Granny on the bus.

Can you defend yourself using your tartan shopping trolley and then bash another unfortunate Granny over the head with your handbag.

A great kids game especially if Granny is playing.

Where did the idea come from?

I used to sing this classic Scottish children’s song to my children. My wife thought it would be a great title for a children’s game. I couldn’t have agreed more. A game about pushing Grannies off the bus… what’s not to like? Not very politically correct, I know, but it’s all just a bit of fun.

What our customers say…

“Hilarious game which generated all sorts of previously un-seen competitive tactics!” Will from Harrow

“Absolutely LOVED this game! Played it with all my 5 children (age range 7-20) everyone thought it was brilliant. Can see this game being played alot in our house over christmas!!” Alison from Tunbridge Wells

“Very funny game hours of fun ,my grandchildren love playing it, as long as they don t through me off the bus.” EM

“I bought this for my granddaughter at Christmas and we all had a good giggle playing it. I would recommend it for the 7 yr old age group.” Jacko