The Know it Game

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What’s it about:

The Know It Game is the trivia game where simply answering correctly isn’t enough. To win you have to successfully bluff your opponents into believing you know the answer. The questions are original, amusing and informative and the games can be traded, swapped or collected. Each box consists of two broad themes and there are over 200 questions per theme split into five games. Answer correctly, you win the card. Claim to ‘Know It’, you could win two.
The themes are Pop and Film, TV and Comedy, 80s and 90s, World Cups and Olympics.

Where did the idea come from:

Stuart used to get fed up with me shouting out ‘that’s easy ‘or ‘I know it’ when he was being asked a question, so he devised a way of putting me to the test. Using another well-known trivia game’s question cards, he would ask me a question but give me the option of answering it or claiming to ‘know it’. He would then decide whether he thought I really did know it or was bluffing. I would get to win the card for a correct answer or if he didn’t challenge my ‘know it’, but he would get two of my cards if he caught me bluffing.