VIctorian Gamer

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What’s it about:

The Victorian Gamer is a betting and racing game with three different events – running, rowing and horse racing. Each event has different techniques and tactics and there are three differently weighted dice to provide variation, interest and spice. In The Victorian Gamer each player makes an individual challenge against another player for an agreed sum, with the winner taking all. In addition, all players place side bets against the bank. No calculations are required, this is an amazing family fun game that requires a little more thought and strategy than most. Suitable for children aged eight and over.

Where did the idea come from:

During boring Maths lessons at school, I would mark out 5 lanes on the squared graph paper and by rolling a hexagonal pencil that I had etched dice numbers on, I could run races moving players along the track according to the pencil roll. It was amazing how many times the one I wanted to win actually went on to win! Later I added hurdles and jumps and then a betting element. And that was it, The Victorian Gamer was born.