Wing It

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What is it about?

Race around the British countryside to be the first to spot unusual birds and at the same time hamper your opponents (in a variety of evil ways)to prevent them from getting there first. A wonderfully cunning family game that combines education, double-dealing and fun.

A surprisingly underhand game, produced in conjunction with the RSPB.

All the bird cards are painted by the official RSPB artist and are a collectors item in themselves.

Where did the idea come from?

A couple of years ago at the Toy Fair, a fellow exhibitor and avid bird watcher disappeared for the day as there had been a rare bird spotted on the coast of Norfolk. On his return, he insisted we should create a game based on bird watching, because it is such a popular pastime.

After a little research we discovered that the RSPB had over 1 million members. An untapped market, perhaps, so Stuart and I thought we’d give it a go.

Early versions involved a rogue birdwatcher with a shotgun, but we thought this was a bit extreme. However, there is still plenty of mischievousness in the game to keep all those non birdwatchers thoroughly engrossed.


What our customers say….

“We bought this game for our Christmas afternoon, and are very impressed. The game is pretty easy to understand and we were up and running within 10 minutes.
I must say I am not a birdwatcher but I was charging round the country chasing after a Chough, which one of my competitors scared away just as I got there.
Love It
The whole family (3 adults, a 15 year old and 11 year old) demanded we played a second game just as the first finished.
This game is now our number one go to game” S. Canterbury