Liar Liar


Remember that if you are caught lying or accuse someone of lying (when they’re not) then you are sent back to the start of the level you are on. So it is always a good idea to tell the truth when you have a lot to lose (ie you are close to the next level) and remember other players will probably try to lie nearer the beginning of a level, for the same reason.


On a truth or lie card your job is to try and convince your opponent that you’re lying when you are being truthful and vice versa. Sometimes it is an idea to double bluff.


Try and win lie cards earlier in the game because if you are near the end and still need one then your opponents know you will have to lie.


When trying to think up a wrong answer on a multiple choice question it is a good idea to look at the two answers given (the correct one and the default lie) – together these may give you inspiration to invent something credible. Remember if your invented lie is believed it is worth 2 lie cards.